Papworth Sleep Services

Sleep Services Information for health professionals

The RSSC has expertise in the management of the full range of sleep disorders, particularly:

We have a fully equipped inpatient facility with polysomnography and objective measures of daytime sleepiness. There is a sleep scheduling service to support people with abnormal sleep patterns, shift work and circadian rhythm disorders.

The RSSC has been developing and promoting new models of care in the practice of sleep medicine in the UK since it was established in the 1980s. It is the largest sleep centre in the UK and provides a comprehensive service for patients with all types of sleep disorder with a reputation for the high quality of care provided as well as cost effectiveness. It offers a sleep service for the whole of the East of England region and receives referrals from all over the UK.

The range of non-CPAP treatments that we provide for people with mild OSA are often effective and when CPAP is needed over 90% of patients have accepted it, compared to 45% - 50% reported by non-specialist centres. This success is largely due to the emphasis on the clinical assessment of individual patients by staff skilled in sleep medicine rather than relying on the results of sleep investigations, as has been the pattern for commercially supported services. Our success with treatments in the long term is due to careful follow up and our 24-hour help-line for patients. We also emphasise monitored withdrawal of treatment when patients improve through lifestyle and other measures.