Papworth Sleep Services

About our Sleep Services

Sleeping ManThe sleep medicine service, which features as 'Sleep Clinic' in the BBC television series produced by Landmark Films, is the largest in the U.K. It is the only sleep centre in the UK formally accredited by the British and European sleep societies.

The sleep centre offers specialist diagnostic tests and treatments to people with a great range of sleep disorders referred from around the UK. There are several sleep clinics held at the centre each week with a multidisciplinary input.

There are 6 dedicated sleep laboratory beds for complex overnight studies to diagnose both respiratory and non-respiratory sleep disorders. Referrals are received from General Practitioners and hospital doctors from all over the UK.

Over 10,000 patients with obstructive sleep apnoeas are currently treated with nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) systems and the centre cares for over 300 patients with narcolepsy and large numbers with unusual behaviours during sleep.

About our Local Sleep Services

The RSSC's local sleep service has proven to be successful with full Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) support. It aims to:

  1. Provide a specialist opinion about OSA and other sleep disorders close to the point of referral
  2. Carry out sleep studies in the patient's own home
  3. Provide CPAP in a timely fashion where clinically indicated
  4. Arrange local follow up to support the patient and maintain their equipment so as to maximise the benefits and compliance
  5. Be a gateway to our inpatient services, complex sleep studies and advanced respiratory support as required

Our aim is to make the expertise of the RSSC accessible to a wide population outside the hospital setting. Our experienced staff travel to local sleep clinics. The team includes specialist consultant physicians and senior nurses. If screening sleep studies are required they are performed in the patient's own home with the results available in the clinic. Often the team makes recommendations that can be taken forward by the General Practitioner but some patients need to attend the RSSC for a more comprehensive sleep study or to start CPAP treatment. Local sleep clinics are available in Swaffham, Thetford, Stowmarket, Norwich, Bromham, Harlow, and Stevenage and have been running for years with enthusiastic support from patients, referring clinicians and the PCTs. Audit has confirmed excellent outcomes, high levels of patient satisfaction and a significant reduction in travel requirements.

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